A Puregistic Promise

We deliver on our commitments with the utmost professionalism and take pride in elegant, effective code. Our support team is available around the clock to ensure that your priorities are never jeopardized.

At Puregistic, we work for You.

At Puregistic, we develop innovative, technology-driven solutions for our clients' most complex requirements. We strive to exceed your expectations. We are never content, we are never self-satisfied, and we are never conceited.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards as we grow your business and our knowledgebase.

Core Solutions

Web 2.0 has created an explosion of media-rich content which targets potential users through various available channels. We at Puregistic can deliver feature-rich websites which utilize Adobe flash-based animation as well as Silverlight.

Puregistic's primary expertise is in delivering solutions based on the Microsoft Technology stack, which includes conversion of legacy applications written in VB6 or C++ to the latest .Net framework.

Please see our Portfolio for examples of our most recent work!
The Microsoft .NET platform has fundamentally changed the way applications are developed for the internet and for business intranets. It is a robust, stable, proven development platform. If your business runs on the Microsoft Technology Stack, with servers running Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 or similar operating systems and clients running on versions of XP, Vista or Windows 7.

As a Microsoft Partner, Puregistic excels at developing solutions which meet your unique needs and we look forward to hearing from you.

Our .NET development expertise includes:
  • ASP.Net-based web application development in VB.Net and/or C#
  • SQL Server or Oracle database
  • SOA applications using WCF, the .NET framework and the SOAP toolkit
  • Multi-channel applications
  • Windows Phone applications
  • Re-engineering applications to .NET from legacy systems

Please see our Portfolio for examples of our most recent work!
State-of-the-art Machine Learning Solutions based on Microsoft Cognitive Services, Google Tensorflow, or custom solutions implemented in R, Python or the Microsoft Technology Stack

More on Machine Learning Solutions Close
We specialize in consulting services with contracts ranging from a month to over a year! If you need experienced consultants who treat your work as our own, contact us so we can show you just how much value our consultants can add.

We build business applications, websites and a variety of software solutions using a wide variety of technical tools including .NET, J2EE, SQL Server, HTML, AJAX, XML, C#, Java, JavaScript, Bootstrap, VB, Silverlight, and Salesforce.
ESRI's ArcGIS Online product is used to bring geographic information to life in interactive maps and applications on the Web. It provides an opportunity for a large collection of geographic knowledge to be applied in new ways.

Our experts at Puregistic have the technical know-how to design and deliver custom applications using the latest of the ArcGIS products and the .Net framework used to integrate it with your website.
When you are looking for a third-party tester to conduct an unbiased assessment of your application, we can help! Our dedicated team has uncovered several bugs which would have resulted in severe consequences, and our usability testing has produced measurable value for our clients.

We can work together to define testing parameters, methodology, models, tools, timeframe and costs. We can set up reporting, tracking, load testing, unit testing, and even fix bugs should you desire.
We know that it’s crucial for your business to stay ahead of competitors, and sometimes that involves using available software components over designing custom applications. We at Puregistic will help you design, develop, implement and maintain your business application with your goals in mind.

Puregistic's diverse expertise, efficient development processes and technical know-how is just what you seek in an implementation partner.

Custom Solutions

For when you have isolated problems which are suddenly bottlenecks, our consultants are available to make timely and efficient fixes. Rather than just bandage the bug, we work around the clock to tackle the root cause and prevent the bug from resurfacing.

Though we can work on such problems individually in urgent situations, we’ve found that compiling a few disparate problems in to one contract generally works best for us and our customers. Please contact us for more information.
We understand that some teams and projects require a trial period before being fully-funded. No worries! At Puregistic, we are so confident you’ll love our work that we can accommodate phased contract plans so you can be confident when you commit. Please contact us to iron out the details, and we can work with you on these parameters:
  • Crunch time or crunch-day scheduling
  • Short contracts as low as a week, extendable by day
  • On-site or off-site work
  • Your development station or ours
At Puregistic, we can deliver fixed-price solutions in situations where you have reasonably definite requirements. Please contact us for a quote!

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